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Fibtec Enterprises was established in 2012 to manufactured underground and above ground composite (FRP) tank for various applications like sewage water treatment, grey water recycling, rain water harvesting, raw & Portable water storage etc., Tank from 1,000 litres to 60,000 litres are manufactured and tested as per AWWA D-120 standards.

Tank Capacity: 2,000 to 6,000 Litre
COMPTNK Can Be Installed in a Day
& Effectively Used On the  Sameday

Composite Underground & Above Ground Storage Tank

‘COMPTNK’ – a Factory Moulded composite storage Tank of 2,000 litres to 60,000 litre capacity; it can be installed in a day & effectively used the very same day
‘COMPTNK’ is made from homogenous composite material, which is impervious to water seepage; it never allows leakage of water from tank or ingression from soil into the tank
COMPTNK has standard dimension in diameter, length and wall thickness. All tanks are tested for leak by hydro-testing and overall quality is ensured as per AWWA D 120 Standards
COMPTNK is having glassy finish on its inside; Hence growth of algae and other type of bio-fouling is considerably eliminated. Also, there is no evaporation since the tank is totally sealed
COMPTNK doesn’t corrode even in saline conditions. Unlike RCC tanks it is not constructed using steel reinforcements.
COMPTNK is price competitive when compared to RCC tank. It is specially Designed for a life of 75 years
COMPTNK occupies only 5% more space than the water volumes stored. This aspect is very crucial in cities having acute space shortage
COMPTNK can also be used as overhead tank, since it is light weight and is protected from sun’s UV rays
COMPTNK can be supplied with inside partitions & with any number of nozzles to meet the specific need of the clients like sewage treatment, water storage, septic tank, gray water recycling, rain water harvesting etc.,
COMPTNK can be transported by commercial vehicle since its outside diameters is 1.2 to 2.6m
COMPTNK can be shifting from one place to other, during modification or renovations of building, even after its usage


Made in Chennai-locally available
No Steel in construction, resulting – no corrosion
Impervious – no water seepage
Overhead & Above ground tanks are protected from UV rays.
Installation space by volume for composite tanks is hardly 5% More than the water stored
It can be shifted from one place to other, even after the usage
Growth of algae and other type of bio-fouling are considerable eliminated, because of glassy finish at inside the tank


The process of glass fibre filament winding is used for tank construction. It’s high tensile strength resulting in high hoop tensile strength of the shell (250 MPa). Product is tested as per AWWA D120 Standard.
To prevent deflection due to soil overburden and vehicle load, the section modulus is increased by increasing the thickness of the shell and the L/D ratio is reduced by providing the stiffeners
To counter buoyancy force (assuming empty tank and fully saturated soil) anchors are provided with nylon strap around the tank
Made from homogeneous type composite. It never allow percolation of even moisture from earth to tank or earth. It is impervious
Unlike thermoform resin like PVC or HDPE, the polymerised termoset resin will not be affected by heat or weather conditions.